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Watch Duos Technologies, Inc. and Kalray in this DemoCast replay “Rail Safety: AI-Driven Railcar Inspection for Enhanced Performance, Efficiency, and ROI”


Kalray named Leader and Fast Mover for the 3rd time in the GigaOm Sonar Report for DPUs

Kalray data acceleration technologies

Kalray’s solutions were designed to help customers build the most powerful data-centric applications in expanding sectors such as Media & Entertainment, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The Kalray offering includes a data acceleration platform and acceleration cards for storage and compute.

Ngenea Integrations

Ngenea is Kalray’s flagship solution, a data acceleration platform for data-centric applications. It enables customers to simplify complex data environments and deploy global workflows. Ngenea easily integrates with other technologies to support any workflow requirements:

  • New and existing storage infrastructures on premises and in the cloud.
  • Video post-production applications and MAM platforms.
  • Cutting-edge AI technologies for Smart Vision and GenAI.
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Kalray innovations enable customers to win

“Dell Technologies and Kalray have joined forces to deliver an optimized HPC storage solution that delivers the throughput and capacity needed to manage rapid data growth and increased demands from data-intensive HPC and AI workloads like the Duos RIP system.”

Elliott Berger, Sr. Solution Architect, Data Science Infrastructure Solutions at Dell Technologies

Trusted by Data-Centric Innovators

Why Kalray

With Kalray solutions, customers can scale their infrastructures to efficiently meet the performance and capacity needs of data-centric applications, all without being tied to specific data formats or vendors. Our strength is where our product lines converge and create unique performance and efficiency benefits. For example, K200 Storage Acceleration Cards accelerate high-performance storage for data-intensive workloads.

Mixed Environments

We support complex existing & new environments, including multi-location, multi-silo, multi-cloud, on-premise, and new and old infrastructures.

Efficient Scaling

We enable customers to scale infrastructures to efficiently meet the performance and capacity requirements of data intensive workloads and AI applications.

Lowest TCO 

Our products are designed to deliver the best TCO efficiency: our DPU’s and storage solutions deliver the highest performance per watt and $ spent.

No lock-in

Our solutions do not create data or vendor lock-in: they feature open and pluggable architectures without proprietary formats.


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