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Kalray's SuperECU

Integrating Multitude of Critical Functions/OS on a Single Chip

Intelligent vehicles require ECUs (Electronic Computing Units) capable of running a multitude of applications in parallel with no compromise on safety.

Kalray’s SuperECU®, based on Kalray’s MPPA® DPU Intelligent Processor, is a patented platform capable of providing both the demanding performance required to compute functions such as artificial intelligence algorithms but also to support multi-applications with different levels of criticality on the same chip. Kalray’s MPPA® DPU processor is one of the rare solutions on the market to ensure complete freedom from interference between these applications, which is a key attribute in building safe systems.

The Central Computing architecture will aggregate most of the functions of the ECUs of current cars into a single chip in every car (from L1 to L5) in the heart of the new generation vehicles … whatever the market segment. The automotive industry will minimize the number of electronic platforms and numbers of E/E computers leveraging on a central computing architecture with scaling capability to address the different product segments. This approach will also reduce the software development cost and support a more flexible Software strategy for upgrade in the field.

Based on Kalray's MPPA® DPU Intelligent Processor, SuperECU® Offers Unique Capabilities to Automotive Industry

The MPPA® DPU (Data Processing Unit) intelligent processor is much more than just an AI compute accelerator for ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) and AD (Autonomous Driving), although it can integrate these functions very effectively. It can execute multiple concurrent heterogeneous multiprocessing tasks in real time, in a guaranteed timeframe, regardless of overall processor workload.

By combining very high-performance computing, real-time data processing and power efficiency, this new type of processor enables car makers to deploy and optimize embedded technologies, which require more and more sensors for LIDAR, AI acceleration…

The strength of Kalray’s MPPA® DPU processor is to be able to do this, while combining many critical and heterogeneous applications in parallel, and ensuring mandated high levels of security and safety (determinism, freedom from interference)… all this on one single chip.

MPPA® DPU simplifies electronics within cars, reducing complexity and costs, while gaining drastic improvements in performance, power efficiency, security and flexibility. A game changer for the next generation of intelligent vehicles!

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