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DPUs Decoded: Redefining Efficiency in Data Processing

Tim Lieber

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5 Storage Considerations for Generative AI


Nvidia’s Jensen Huang says “everyone can be a programmer” as generative AI becomes sophisticated enough to understand all forms of input – even speech. But without a data management strategy, companies will find that the GAI gold rush is out of reach.

In today’s business landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is the undisputed driving force behind innovation, transformation, and the ultimate pursuit of competitive advantage. Amid the dazzling array of AI technologies, one has risen to the forefront as an unequivocal game-changer: Generative AI. This extraordinary branch of AI empowers machines to create content, images, and remarkably human-like text, reshaping how businesses harness the power of data to boost their bottom line. Yet, behind the curtain of this AI wizardry lies an absolutely crucial foundation: data infrastructure.


We assert that Generative AI is directly linked to revenue, and the development of GenAI hinges not only on powerful compute but also on a robust storage infrastructure. Let’s dive in to the indispensable role of data infrastructure, with a focus on storage solutions like Kalray’s NG-Stor as a catalyst for realizing AI’s full potential.


The AI Boom: Where Data Meets Transformation


AI models are sculpted by data—massive, diverse, and dynamic datasets. They learn from historical information, adapt to new patterns, and make predictions or create content based on this knowledge. To fuel today’s AI revolution, companies must effectively manage and utilize their data resources. That’s where data infrastructure takes center stage.


Data infrastructure encompasses the entire ecosystem required to store, access, and process data efficiently. This infrastructure is the lifeblood of AI as it dictates the quality and speed of data-driven decision-making. It’s not merely about collecting data; it’s about curating it, making it accessible on demand, and ensuring its security and integrity.


The Data Management Challenge


As companies increasingly recognize the potential of generative AI, they face a profound challenge: data management. The proliferation of high-performance computing workloads has sent organizations scrambling to reimagine their data infrastructure. Managing and utilizing data at scale is a complex endeavor. Without a robust data infrastructure, the road to AI-driven success is riddled with obstacles.


The AI Storage Solution: Tier 0 Storage from Kalray


Enter Tier 0 storage, a category of storage solutions designed explicitly for high-performance, data-intensive workloads like generative AI. Kalray’s NG-Stor is at the forefront of this storage revolution, offering leading performance, scalability, and efficiency. But why is storage of paramount importance in the AI ecosystem, and what sets certain storage solutions apart?


Scalability & Performance: AI, especially generative AI, demands massive data volumes. As AI models grow in complexity, so do their data requirements. Tier 0 storage solutions like NG-Box scale linearly and work in conjunction with other storage types to extend performance.


Do you know where YOUR data is? Data management offers visibility and control so users can see and access data where and when they need it and minimize budget overruns on high-cost storage units.


Data Diversity: Generative AI often works with large numbers of diverse data types and formats. Many storage solutions are competent in handling one type. Those which manage billions of tiny files may choke on the larger file types, and those which are proficient in large files may trip up when dealing with quantity. When it comes to a diverse profile of file sizes and types in large quantity as necessitated by AI model development, only Kalray consistently delivers high-performance to keep GPUs fed and input running.


Efficiency: Cost-effectiveness is paramount in AI infrastructure. NG-Stor optimizes costs and resource allocation by matching storage tiers to use cases. Not all data is mission-critical at every moment. NG-Stor automatically offloads excess data to right-priced tiers for storage, and automatically brings it back when needed, all while minimizing costs. It’s a uniquely simple set-up, and Kalray’s unique pricing strategy charges only for data held directly on NG-Stor Tier 0, saving you money.


Hybrid Cloud Integration: As GPUs become increasingly scarce, competitive companies look to cloud-first and hybrid models to carry out their mission-critical tasks. Maximizing ROI on cloud-based GPUs requires clear visibility and control to keep data flowing through the system. Ideally, GPUs run at full throttle and cloud bursting for additional capacity is always available. A streamlined system presents all unstructured datasets as a single usable namespace, offering a unified view that simplifies data management and ensures accessibility across environments, so GPUs never sit idle.


Empowering the AI Revolution


As AI takes the center stage in business strategy, organizations must recognize that their data infrastructure is the linchpin of success. Storage, especially Tier 0 storage solutions like Kalray’s NG-Stor, is not merely a technical detail—it is the enabler of the data-driven AI revolution. Investing in robust data infrastructure ensures that AI models have the data they need to thrive, driving innovation, cost savings, and competitive advantage. In this age of AI, it’s time to unlock the full potential of your data with Tier 0 storage solutions. The future of your business depends on it.

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