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Press Release / July 06, 2021

Kalray, Together with Orange, Bull/Atos, Renault and 6Wind, Wins the Call for Project “Sovereign Solutions for Telecommunications Networks” of the Invest for the Future Plan.

The aim of this project is to develop an open optimized and sovereign solution, based on Kalray acceleration cards, for the next generation of 5G infrastructures and to validate this solution in intelligent transport systems and "Smart Cities" use cases.

Grenoble – France, 6 July 2021 – Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris: ALKAL), a pioneer in a new generation of processors, specialized in intelligent data processing at both the “Cloud” and the “Edge” level, is pleased to announce that the PIRANA project (Platform Inline for Radio, Application and Network Accelerations), is the winner of the “France Relance” plan led by the Directorate General of Enterprises (DGE) and operated by Bpifrance as part of the 5G acceleration strategy and future telecommunications network technologies. The objective of this plan is to develop sovereign solutions on telecoms networks and to obtain end-to-end control of these solutions.

The PIRANA project led by Kalray, in association with BULL/ATOS, ORANGE, RENAULT Group and 6WIND, aims to develop a new generation of servers allowing the deployment of 5G applications in an optimized manner, a new generation of servers that consume less energy and are more open and sovereign.

This new generation of server, which targets the “Telecom Edge” market, will be based on Kalray acceleration cards, integrating its latest Intelligent MPPA® Coolidge ™ processor, on the new generation of EDGE server from ATOS, as well as software solutions from 6WIND. In the intelligent transport system use case, the server solution will be deployed and tested by ORANGE with the help of RENAULT Group.

Éric Baissus, Chairman of the Board of Kalray, declared: “We are thrilled that the PIRANA project has been selected. This project will allow us to accelerate the deployment of our solutions on the 5G market with our partners, a market which represents a tremendous opportunity for our processors and our accelerator cards”.

Telecom infrastructure is facing a major evolution due to the large-scale introduction of 5G and the large number of applications that this technology will support, for the end user as well as for businesses. To gain optimal deployment regardless of application, the market needs solutions that are both very efficient and economical in terms of energy consumption, but also reprogrammable. Kalray’s accelerator cards, incorporating its latest intelligent MPPA® Coolidge ™ processor, combined with servers targeting the Edge market such as ATOS’, meet these challenges.

In particular, the “PIRANA” project will allow, using Kalray accelerator cards, the development and promotion of an “inline” acceleration card dedicated to the Telecom Edge 5G market, which can be configured to perform one or more of the following operations, critical in the context of the deployment of 5G solutions:

  • Radio i.e. “Open RAN”;

  • Network, storage and security functions of Edge 5G data centers;

  • User applications hosted in Edge 5G data centers, in particular for functions related to AI and “Edge Computing”.

While the main players are American or Chinese, this platform – the result of the active collaboration between Kalray, 6Wind, Atos and Orange – will constitute, for infrastructure providers, providers of telecom solutions and mobile telephone operators, an innovative and sovereign acceleration solution for any vertical of the telecoms market.

This initiative is part of a context where accelerator cards will play a key role in tomorrow’s Cloud and Edge data centers and will help to optimize data processing and infrastructure consumption in general.

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