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AccessCore® Embedded (ACE)

Software solution for high performance compute applications

ACE, is the software solution for high performance applications including AI and Embedded, providing acceleration firmware capabilities, hosting of eco-systems stacks, exposing open APIs in order to abstract and customize all benefits of Manycore with spatial isolation.

ACE is built on top of AccessCore® tools with the addition of application specific framework and libraries.

ACE supports standard programming model C/C++ and OpenCL. ACE supports acceleration mode and rely on OpenCL for offloading mechanism.

What's included with AccessCore® ACE?

  1. A large spectrum of application libraries:
    • Offload inference to MPPA®: Support of main CNN framework
    • Offload computer vision: OpenCV
    • Offload computing algorithms: FFT, BLAS, EIGEN, LAPACK
    • Offload customer computing functions: open standard APIs
    • Capable of multiple simultaneous applications
  2. KaNN™, Kalray Neural Network

    A comprehensive Neural Networks offer, from standard CNN frameworks to code generation,
    setup & multiple CNN execution.

    • Deep Learning inference code generator
      • Optimization of neural network for MPPA®
      • Deployment of neural networks on MPPA®
    • Deep Learning inference runtime
      • Image-based neural networks running on MPPA®
    • Support of major frameworks: CAFFE, Tensorflow (& Lite), ONNX
    • Support of major frameworks (classification, detection, segmentation)

  3. KAF™, Kalray Acceleration Framework

    KAF™ facilitates integration with host system:

    • Facilitated integration within customer environment
    • Usage of open standards (OpenCL) and expose open standards APIs (OpenCV, …)
    • Provide capability to add custom high level compute processes (C/C++/OpenCL™)

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