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Kalray's Solution for Machine Vision

As the industrial sector is growing all round the world, new technologies are adopted for fast and accurate development of various products. One such system which has evolved in recent times and increased the quality, efficiency, and product safety is an industrial machine vision system.

The industrial machine vision system works by generating images through a camera that are automatically analyzed by software. Indeed, machine vision systems perform quality tests, control processes, read codes, identify components, and deliver valuable data for optimizing production.

Vision systems for industrial applications implies low cost, fast and accurate processing of data, high robustness, and high reliability.

As most of the industries, deep learning vision software is the natural trend to automate inspection and make it more efficient. AI provides new opportunities for more complex inspection than traditional rule-based machine vision.

Traditional inspection methods can have high error rates but thanks to deep learning methods, this reduces the time and costs for manual inspection.

Machine Vision requires :

  • Extensive need of real-time execution
  • High Performance vision algorithms
  • Mix of AI/CNN and Computer Vision
  • Integration of long-standing legacy code (e.g. DSP)
  • Support of legacy rule-based algorithm

Kalray’s MPPA® Key Benefits to Meet the Challenges of Machine Vision:

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