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AccessCore®, a Software Development Environment for Kalray's Data Processing Unit (DPU)

Kalray has chosen to use standard languages and open source tools to facilitate the work of developers on its MPPA DPU processor and to democratize its use.

AccessCore® provides all required tools to quickly develop, debug, and optimize, high-performance applications, using open standards for Kalray DPU processor.


AccessCore® Key Benefits

Full Flexibility

  • Update code in minutes
  • Use standard programming models

Community Compatible

  • Uses open source tools
  • Runs open source code
  • Github access

Heterogeneous Computing

  • Multiple simultaneous applications
  • Large variety of application types
  • Real-time processing

For Storage, Compute, AI and Embedded Applications

Kalray offers different AccessCore® software products to address a large range of applications and markets.


AccessCore® Storage

AccessCore® Storage (ACS) software solution is a SPDK based open software environment, providing standard APIs and tool chain with MPPA® DPU-optimized software modules such as network (ODP) and storage (SPDK) functions.


AccessCore® for Compute, AI and Embedded

AccessCore® Embedded (ACE) is the software solution for Compute, AI and Embedded applications:

  • Providing acceleration firmware capabilities
  • Hosting of eco-systems stacks, exposing open APIs
  • Abstracting and customizing all benefits of manycore with spatial isolation

AccessCore​® includes:

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