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Kalray MPPA® DPU: Intelligent data processing
for AI, Storage and Compute

Powered by the patented manycore architecture, Kalray’s MPPA® represents a groundbreaking class of processors known as Data Processing Units (DPUs). The DPU is natively capable of managing massive data flows and multiple workloads with no bottlenecks to enable smarter, more efficient and energy-wise data-intensive applications. Coolidge™ is the third generation of Kalray’s MPPA DPUs. They offer an unprecedented level of performance and programmability.

It is a game changer for data-centric heterogenous processing tasks as it significantly increases the performance per Watt and per dollar. Kalray DPUs are engineered to strike a balance between performance and power consumption, providing organizations with optimized power usage and energy efficiency for their data processing workloads. The energy-efficient MPPA architecture maximizes energy efficiency without compromising processing capabilities.