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A Qualitative Approach to Many-core Architecture

This chapter presents the third-generation Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA) processor, manufactured in 16FFC CMOS technology, whose many-core architecture has significantly improved upon the previous ones in the areas of performance, programmability, functional safety and cyber-security. It discusses many-core architectures and their limitations with regard to intelligent system requirements. The chapter presents the main features of the third-generation MPPA architecture and processor. It introduces the MPPA3 application software environments. The structuring of the MPPA3 architecture into a collection of compute units, each comparable to an embedded multi-core processor, is the main feature that enables the consolidation of application partitions operating at different levels of functional safety and cyber-security, on a single processor. High-integrity computing on the MPPA3 processor refers to applications that execute in a physically isolated domain of the processor, whose functions are developed under model-based design and must meet hard real-time constraints.