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Accelerate Your AI data pipelines

Kalray enables AI innovators to build novel AI applications, maximizing data workflow efficiency and compute processing with Ngenea and TC4

Kalray’s Ngenea gives AI innovators access to an end-to-end data acceleration platform designed to streamline AI workflows.

Ngenea offers a global namespace, providing a unified view of all data, and a high-performance storage tier to accelerate AI data pipelines. It also has a rich AI Toolkit that enables easy integration with partner AI applications. This allows organizations running AI workflows to transition seamlessly to a global data environment while retaining control over valuable intellectual property. With integrated enhanced search capabilities, users can easily find and access migrated data across different storage tiers, all in a seamless unified workflow.

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Kalray and Dell Technologies Help Duos Technologies Reduce Railcar Inspection Times More than 100x with Smart Storage for AI-based Image Processing

“When we hooked up the 190 cameras… and it started filling the storage with images, we didn’t miss a bit.”

Derrick Schmenk, Duos Technologies

Kalray’s TURBOCARD4 Compute Acceleration Cards enable customers to accelerate AI workloads and complement CPUs and GPUs in next-generation data centers

TURBOCARD4 (TC4) Compute Acceleration Cards offer a very complementary architecture to GPUs, allowing for the processing of a large number of different operations in parallel in an asynchronous way. Kalray’s TC4 is well-suited for pre-processing data that is later used by GPUs or in the context of complex intelligent systems running many different algorithms in parallel.

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